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The winner of the Digital Transformation gong in last year’s Tees Tech Awards is encouraging non-tech firms to enter the category this time around – after their own digital transformation proved such a success that they’ve formed a stand-along business employing 25 people.

Everflow Group won the Digital Transformation category at the inaugural Tees Tech Awards last August – a stand-along category that’s not for digital firms.

The award success was powered by an incredible story that saw water retailer Everflow Water transform to digital so well that it formed its own tech company, Everflow Tech, that has attracted interest from industry competitors and is now looking to supply other sectors too.

And Everflow’s chief technology officer Paul Williams is encouraging more non-tech firms who’ve gone through a digital transformation to apply for the gong at this year’s awards – with an entry deadline of April 29 fast approaching.

“Why not?” he said. “It’s got to be good for staff morale but it’s great for the region too. The more stories we tell about successful companies growing here, the better. We need to celebrate homegrown talent and homegrown achievement.

“If you’re going to climb a mountain, you need base stations to measure your success, and it was a real milestone for us to beat a company like Psyche – a great Teesside tech story – to win the award.”

Formed in 2015 by experienced water sector specialist Josh Gill, Everflow Group began life purely as a water retail company before finding its niche as the market evolved in terms of how it went to market through brokers.

“We realised there was a demand for turning around a quote for customers,” explained Paul. “We devised a spreadsheet tool that helped us quote for customers. The transformation began with the realisation that we could create a quote contract tool through technology – not only better and faster but with further reach and with a more resilient, robust process.

“So we decided to build a second phase of the business, Everflow Tech, which was so successful that competitors started to ask if they could utilise it too.

“It was Josh who suggested we could build a tech company that could not only service Everflow Water but others within the sector too. Raising the sea for all boats benefited everyone, not just Everflow.

“Digital transformation started with asking ‘How do we improve the experience for customers?’, then ‘How do we create a digital experience for others within the industry?’

“Now we’re asking ourselves how far we can take this. Our future could be supporting other energy industries and parallel industries such as insurance.

“And we want to start looking at automation. What we feel we should be doing is looking at things such as water efficiency. Our thinking is that if there are other things we can do in terms of value- added services to customers, then we should be doing that.”

Having grown revenue by 150 per cent over the past 12 months, Paul is confident Everflow Tech will do the same again the year ahead – and that could mean adding to the 25 jobs they’ve already created since the firm’s formation just 18 months ago.

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Our picture shows Josh Gill with the Digital Transformation gong after last year’s Tees Tech Awards.