Why SMEs across Teesside and beyond are In Cahoots with Phil

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Phil Teasdale is a man with a mission – to train and support businesses to grow and develop after coronavirus.

His strategy includes his company Enterprise Made Simple (EMS), expert training from around the world, what he hopes will be the first of many books and a successful Facebook group of 2,500 business owners.

In the past year the CEO of business training provider Enterprise Made Simple (EMS) has seen his first book, In Cahoots, published and nominated in the Business Book of The Year Awards 2021.

The book shares its name with his Facebook group, In Cahoots with Phil.

Its regular Ask The Expert features and five-minute training videos have seen the group, which acted as a peer support network for company directors through the coronavirus crisis, grow to 2,500 members in recent months.

Both the book and the Facebook group offer supportive words of advice and techniques, tips and strategies SMEs can easily incorporate into their business growth strategy.

Enterprise Made Simple, which offers fully-funded courses to new SMEs, has also just launched EMS University, an online members’ group providing online access to all the high-quality training programmes the company has become known for.

After what has been a pivotal year in the company’s history, Phil is determined to capitalise on Teesside’s moment in the spotlight by bringing the best business trainers in the world to the region.

He said: “The big announcements such as the freeport put Teesside in a much more positive light than we have been seen in such a long time.

“Teesside is being noticed a lot more because of these big government announcements and all that does is help EMS and In Cahoots to grow and develop.”

With growth and development at the forefront of his mind, Phil is a world away from the business owner who, when lockdown came a year ago, “didn’t know how we would survive”.

Phil explains: “We had to put some plans into place pretty quickly to get our training changed and researched so we could deliver training in that online environment and we had to learn about Zoom and Teams and all those things.”

But fast forward one year and EMS has had all its training professionally filmed in the studio of its very own digital executive education centre, which has reopened for business with Covid-secure measures in place.

Reflecting on 2020, when some of his staff were furloughed and the company’s office space was reduced from 14 to just three, Phil says: “It was a lesson in how quickly we could adapt our business in difficult circumstances.

“Now our business is much more sustainable because we have been able to film everything correctly within our new studio, so we have a whole raft of newly developed online courses available.”

As the world begins to open up again, EMS is working with different training organisations and specialist trainers to bring a range of workshops to Teesside that have never been offered before.

“They will include people from around the world – Canada, America and Australia,” said Phil.

“Also, we’ve started our membership group, EMS University. You can currently sign up for £1 for the first month and it is £30 per month after that.

“It gives you access to every course we run and there will be at least one new course a month on there.”

At last Phil is left feeling we are “getting back to some normality”.

He said: “It’s an exciting time and we are hoping we can support other businesses to grow and develop after what has been a difficult year.”

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