Plans go in for 500 new homes at St Hilda’s

Pinchinthorpe Hall

Middlesbrough’s Old Town Hall would be the magnificent focal point for 500 homes under new proposals.

The historic street pattern of St Hilda’s would be transformed by houses and apartments, a planning application outlines.

Tree-lined streets could also be home to businesses on the ground floor of maisonette-style properties, the application by Middlesbrough Council describes.

The area’s original North-South, East-West streets layout, devised by the surveyor Richard Otley in 1830, would again surround a proud marketplace and original town hall as the countdown starts to the town’s 200-year anniversary in 2030.

The council has set aside £1m of its £22m Towns Fund allocation from government to renovate and restore the Old Town Hall and nearby Captain Cook Pub.

A CGI shows how South Street, leading up to the town hall, could be brought to life with a mixture of attractive, modern homes and commercial premises.

Feversham Street would be closed to traffic, making way for an urban park that would allow pedestrian and cycle access.

Ten plots of housing would be built ‘over the border’, which is due to be transformed by major developments that will link the area closer to the centre of town.

The latest scheme would complement the almost complete Thirteen Bohouse North development, opposite the new Boho 8 complex.

Site preparation work has also recently started on the nearby Boho Village site, where 61 homes will be built.

Work on the digital sector’s flagship Boho X will start later this year, with Middlesbrough’s new secondary school and an urban farm also planned for the area.

Papers submitted as part of the application describe the site in the shadows of the Transporter Bridge as a “prime location for sustainable urban renewal”.

Middlesbrough mayor Andy Preston said: “St Hilda’s was once the heart of Middlesbrough.

“I want to see its remarkable history and enviable location used to make it one of the most exciting parts of town.

“The area is a hive of activity at the moment as work finishes on some sites and gets started on others.

“It’s happening now as we start a new chapter for the oldest part of town.”

Work to prepare the site for homes and install key infrastructure would begin in early 2022.