Town centre businesses offered post-Covid funding

Pinchinthorpe Hall

Eligible businesses in Middlesbrough can now apply for grant funding to help improve the town centre post Covid-19.

The scheme is being funded through the Future High Street Fund Programme and town centre businesses can bid for grants of up to £10k.

Middlesbrough Council has been awarded £14.1m of funds to rebalance the economic mix for residential, commercial and leisure uses.

The vision is based on building a new urban community in the heart of the town. By bringing more people to live and work in central Middlesbrough.

The £14.1m will be allocated on the following schemes:

• Development of residential property
• Adaptations to transport services and improving safety / security of town centre areas
• Provision of cultural animation and experiences
• Grant funding for businesses to mitigate the impact of Covid
• Transformation of Captain Cook Square for leisure use

One of the key aims of Middlesbrough’s FHSF project is to re-balance Captain Cook Square’s 400,000 sq ft of predominantly retail space to a more sustainable mix of leisure and commercial uses.

The project has already attracted considerable interest from regional and national leisure operators, with a number of proposals put forward including.

• Bowling alley with associated leisure attractions
• Boutique cinema
• Small/medium-scale breweries
• Restaurants and eateries, with proposals to maximise outdoor space
• Event hosting – temporary/seasonal use of central outdoor area

In addition to the Captain Cook Square revamp, Middlesbrough Council’s £14.1 million FHSF allocation will also see investment in residential property (£3.5m), transport improvements (£1.05m) and cultural development and business support (more than £500k).

Bringing more people to live in central Middlesbrough will also increase footfall in the town centre, attract and retain skills and talent and help foster a more balanced leisure economy.

Accessibility to key facilities in the square including the bus station and car park will be paramount.

Businesses who want to apply for funding should visit