For fast, efficient, personalised and ethical pest control, Kill Line is the go-to company

Pest control is a subject that no one likes discussing until they are in need, but the unsettling fact is that there will always be vermin that could be extremely hazardous to your business.

Stockton-based Kill Line is a company that offers a first-rate service that protects both client and environment.

Unlike many large chains that may have outmoded ways of dealing with pest control, owner Sean Mooney and his team are unique and innovative in their approach, always with one eye on protecting the ecosystem.

“As a firm, we have a responsibility to do the job right,” said former farrier Sean.

“We like to call ourselves the new kids on the (pest) block. We are next level. We deal with pests by asking: ‘Where are they? Where are they going? And how are we going to stop them and prevent them from returning?’

“We are quick, efficient and, where we possibly can be, kind.”

As well as dealing with the usual wasps, rats, mice, ants and insect infestations, Kill Line specialises in removing birds’ eggs from buildings due to be demolished and the extraction of pigeons and rabbits – creatures that aren’t obvious problems to the man on the street.

“I would rather deal with a rat infestation than a pigeon one,” said Sean.

“Pigeons carry all manner of disease, including E coli and gastroenteritis, and can be a massive problem if not dealt with swiftly.

“Our last two jobs were for a large restaurant chain which had a dead pigeon on its roof. That may not sound too bad, but the bird had rotted, which had caused maggots to get into the kitchens. If they nest next to air conditioning units then you can be in all sorts of trouble.

“The need for Kill Line’s service in relation to pigeons is bigger than you’d think.”

Rats are another common problem.

“You can certainly play your part in preventing rats,” said Sean.

“Make sure your waste is disposed of properly, empty your bins and don’t feed birds with scraps – it’s a calling card for rats.”

Having quickly moved on from residential to corporate jobs in the two years since its formation, Kill Line is keen to work for companies that are striving to protect the environment.

“Yes, I have to kill creatures, but it’s always my last line of defence,” said Sean.

“Unlike many other companies, we try not to use rodenticide and we strive always to be eco-friendly.

“One hundred per cent of birds of prey have rodenticide in their bodies because they have eaten infected rats, mice or other rodents, and that’s not acceptable.

“With rats, for example, we are doing a lot to reduce the amount of rodenticide that goes into the environment by using electronic traps instead of traditional ones.

“It’s the same with rabbits. We have just removed rabbits from a rugby pitch. The club obviously didn’t want them there but weren’t prepared to kill them, so we developed a solution which takes them away alive and ensures they won’t return for up to 20 years.”

This site-specific service, thinking of animal welfare and having compassion and respect for the environment, is what is giving Kill Line such a glowing reputation, and which is fulfilling a lifetime’s ambition for Sean.

“It was like joining the dots,” he explained.

“It may sound strange, but I have an absolute passion for my job and I’m proud of the skills myself and my team offer.”