New humidity kit is breath of fresh air for Redcar spray firm

Sealpump directors Stephen Larkin and Stuart Brown with some of the humidifiers and air purifiers.

Rarely has the air that we breathe been in sharper focus than during the past year and a half.

And with more people tentatively returning to the office or workplace as Covid restrictions ease, as well as people wanting a fresh, hygienic environment at home, a Teesside company believes it has the perfect solutions for air humidity issues.

Sealpump Ltd, based at the Innovation Centre on Redcar’s Kirkleatham Business Park, is one of the UK’s major designers and suppliers of industrial spray nozzle systems.

Founded in 1979 by director Stephen Larkin’s father Tony, it designs, makes, supplies and installs systems for a wide variety of industrial sectors.

During Covid, part of the Sealpump stable, IC Spray, hit the headlines with its EU Tunnel – a quick and easy way to check a person’s temperature and sanitise them before they are allowed entry to a building or event.

But with ventilation and humidity control now so important in both work and home settings, Sealpump reckons it may have another game-changer on its hands.

It has teamed up with Austria-based manufacturer Merlin Technology GmbH to distribute two cutting-edge humidifiers – the Air-C 150 and the Air-C Duo.

The Air-C 150 mobile humidifier, costing around £450, is designed for rooms up to 60 sq m. The Air-C Duo, however, purifies the air in rooms up to 50 sq m and humidifies in rooms up to 20 sq m.

Both are flexible, reliable and offer great value for money. So whether it’s to humidify a small room at the workplace or home, or a larger office space, Stephen reckons they’ve got it covered.

He said: “We already do systems to control office and work building humidity, but the fixed humidity control systems are quite involved and sometimes not suitable for all areas such as small spaces like offices or classrooms. These, though, are really easy to plug in – you can have one in your front room or your office.

“You should always have between 40-60 per cent humidity. Anything lower and it encourages bugs and bacteria to grow, so people get coughs, colds and flu.

“Under a certain level of humidity, your immune system doesn’t work efficiently, and you may pick up all sorts of bugs.

“And a big reason we’re really keen on them is that they go hand in hand with what’s been going on with Covid.”

As to how they work, he explained: “They are very reliable, they’re automatic, so you don’t have to manually fill them, and you can plumb them in if you want to. They’re like you’d set your central heating at home – the best level is about 50 per cent humidity, so you set them to that, and it just knocks on and off as your central heating would.

“We’re still supplying the industries we always have. Humidity is vital in more industrial places than you’d think but generally, it’s to benefit a product or a process that’s happening – electronics or printers or a car plant. But this is for people, which is the most important thing.”

As for Sealpump’s future, Stephen and fellow director Stuart Brown are keen for the stable -Sealpump, IC Spray and Spray Direct – to continue growing and adapting. Eight staff are currently employed, but they’re about to be joined by an apprentice next month.

Stephen said: “We just want to continue growing. We’ve always generally been a distributor but we now make and sell a lot of our core spray nozzle products, under our own brand.

“Our humidification systems were a relatively small part of our business a few years ago but we think it will increase a lot quite quickly. We’d also like to establish a service department.

“We just want to keep growing, really. We’ve been around a long time and we want to be around the same again at least.”