Tees firm keeping children safe in the classroom

Stokesley-based Analox Group is helping one of the area’s largest school trusts protect their staff and children from Covid-19.

Analox is supplying Tees Valley Education with more than 100 Air Quality Guardian CO2 monitors for use within their schools and classrooms.

The science of the Covid virus has taught the world the importance of effective ventilation and Analox say the best indicator of when ventilation is needed is to monitor the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Katrina Morley, CEO of Tees Valley Education, said: “In my previous job role, I was a chemical engineer, so I understand the scientific reasons behind the use of a CO2 monitor.

“Having the unit installed allows all of my teaching staff and children to remain safe and focussed on excellent teaching and learning without having to second guess if an area requires additional ventilation. Plus, the Air Quality Guardian units are simple to operate and are small enough not to cause any disruption in the classroom.

“Equally as important to the trust is the fact that we are supporting local businesses, research and employment which means that our children, their families and the Tees Valley community benefit all round.”

Becca Dodds, business development manager at Analox, said: “Following on from the government’s announcement that CO2 monitors will be installed into schools, we have been working with the education industry. It is great that we are able to supply our monitors to a local school trust and help protect their staff and students.”

The Air Quality Guardian offers a simple traffic light system, advising teachers on when the classroom requires additional ventilation.